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Testing wptogo

Trying to blog from my phone using wptogo. Seems convenient.


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After considering it for a long time, I finally gave in and went to the store to get an HTC Hero. As it turned out, the price difference between the HTC Magic and HTC Hero is pretty significant. Considering that both have almost the same hardware specs (apart from the camera), I decided to buy myself an HTC Magic instead.

What is not mentioned anywhere is the fact that the Indian version of HTC Magic is one of the few models which is completely locked, not to the carrier, but software installation wise. The phone contains the carrier unlock code right on the box. I have been using my old Vodafone number since the purchase.

Now my whole purpose of buying a smart phone was using the Google services, customising the phone no end and installing and experimenting with lots of software. The phone was a major disappointment. It did not have the Google app suite, it did not have Android market, it had no option of installing any software. How Airtel can advertise GPS as one of the phone’s features without any map application is beyond me. Needless to say I was pretty upset and desperate.

I looked around the web for ways to rectify this. I went through many blog and forum posts about rooting the phone and decided to try it. Then came the second surprise, this version of the Magic contained what is called a perfected SPL, which means rooting was not going to be that simple.

Then I found the Unlokr‘s guide to Root the HTC Magic in one click , this worked perfectly. After that I tried 4 different ROMs from the xda developers, which are basically customised versions of the OS, they were all quite good but I finally settled for the MyHero ROM, this  contained the HTC sense UI, which I liked. Welcome Android 😀

After getting a brand new and completely unlocked OS, I downloaded the Android Market Enabler, this allowed me to access the other versions of the market. After about a month, I am still checking out a good number of apps everyday. Stay tuned for app reviews.

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